FUSE has helped Indes with the partial redesign of the Wheeldrive with the aim to adapt the design to a changing assembly and logistic process. The wheeldrive is a power assist solution for wheelchair users and is distributed by Sunrise Medical and makes it possible to change a hand powered wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. The hybrid solution makes it possible for people with reduced muscle power to use a manual wheelchair increasing their independence and mobility. The wheeldrive is a wheel with a power pack and direct-drive motor integrated. The controls can be used without electrical assistance, with power assist that adds a little push while handling your wheelchair or completely powered like a normal electric wheelchair.

Rethinking the original design made it possible  to reduce required tolerances on parts, making it easier to produce, and increase flexibility in assembly of the product. This allows Indes and their suppliers to streamline the logistics making production more reliable. The redesign also improves the feel of the power assist. Sensors on the rim measure the amount of force executed by the user. Play in the construction reduces the feel of the controls. The new construction gives a much better experience and control over the Wheeldrive.

The new design was engineered to the point that it was ready for production with all information documented for transfer to the manufacturer.

Rob Heinemeijer, Technical development manager at INDES
“Choosing to work with Fuse turned out to be a great decision. Proper engineering skills and knowledge were brought to the table which resulted in a release for toolmaking within the right timeline.”