Our approach

Positioning + Perception + Performance + People

A successful product tells a consistent story in all of its aspects. It should meet the users expectations and needs through its performance and usability. The design must communicate what the user can expect from the product. We make products in which performance, usability and design together are more than each separate aspect. We help you define brand and product values that are unique and appreciated.

If done correctly, the design of the product will promis what people need and it's performance will deliver what is promised. Aesthetics are used to communicate the promis, functionality and to guide workflow. Engineering defines performance and price. Synergy is created through a combination of design and engineering.


MDR and ISO 13485 ready

We organise our projects in such a way that everything is in place to get your product CE-certified according to the requirements of the MDR. We can even help you organise your quality management system so you are ready to introduce your product in the market.

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Understand - Explore - Choose - Engineer - Deliver

We do fast iterations and build practical working prototypes as soon as possible to evaluate our ideas with you and the users. Our organised development process integrates risk management and documentation to get your product certified in the shortest time possible.

Any development process goes through a number of steps. After each step we evaluate the project together with the client. Design is an iterative process. Starting with rough concepts going in to increasingly more detail with each loop. Design and engineering go hand in hand from beginning to end.


User Centered Industrial Design

Our working methode keeps the user at the center of the design process. Throughout the process we constantly verify whether we are making a product that people need and want to work with. This starts in the first orientation phase in which we do benchmark studies

on competitor’s products with your users. The results of these studies are the guideline for further development. In later phases we test increasingly realistic prototypes to guarantee that the final product will deliver the required usability and performance.