Graduation Interns


Graduation internship

Medtech devices for home monitoring of glaucoma patients

Our design studio FUSE is working on the development of a tonometer for home monitoring of Glaucoma. This is a progressive disease in which the optic nerve of the patient slowly degenerates. It is one of the main causes of blindness worldwide. There is no cure for glaucoma but it can be treated. To monitor the progression of the disease patients are required to make return visits to the hospital on a regular basis. The data on symptoms generated during these checks is insufficient. The tonometer we develop allows patients to make regular checks during the day by themselves. This generates much better data and it puts the patient in control over his condition. This takes away stress, improves the treatment and reduces costs of healthcare.

What we are working on is a first generation device. That performs only part of the required diagnostic checks. In future generations of the product we want to integrate more functionality. We are looking for students that want to work on a master thesis in which they develop a variant to the existing system in which the extra functionality is integrated. The scope of the assignment would be an investigation of the medical aspects, usability engineering and technical development. We expect to see prototyping and testing done that demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed solution. End result should be a proven concept illustrating what a product to be introduced in the market should look like and how it works.

FUSE design is a studio that specializes in the development of medical products. Our roots are in industrial design and engineering. We do strategic concept development, brand identity design, usability engineering and design for manufacturing. We have a passionate enthusiastic team of design minded people who will only settle for the best possible product. Feel free to drop by in our office to get acquainted.

We have two assignments that focus on integrating specific diagnostic tools in our product. Merging with it to become something new.

Visual field testing in a home environment

Typical for glaucoma is that with the degeneration of the optic nerve the patients field of vision narrows. The amount of peripheral vision lost is a measure for the progression of the condition. We have two parts of the product. A handpiece and a mobile device, both with orientation sensor, that together should be able to do a peripheral vision test. It is up to you to figure out how you can make this work and how you can compare measurements over time. The new development must make use of the building blocks already available for the tonometer but other parts can be added. This would result in a redesign of the whole product. Part of the job is the design of the interface that will guide the patient while performing the test.

Ophthalmoscope for personal use

The condition is all about the degeneration of the optic nerve. The ophthalmoscope is used to make images of the fundus. Again, the required building blocks are available in the tonometer but an adjustment would be required. In addition we are interested in the use of AI to diagnose the status of the disease. It must be possible for the patient to do the measurements personally in a home environment. We would like to see a working prototype that demonstrates the feasibility of the integration.